About Us

Socks used to never get any respect. No one talked about them, and no one cared about them. You wore a black or white pair until three of your toes were popping out of the top, and then you just chucked them for a new package.

Not anymore. There’s a sock revolution going on.  You can smell it in the air (mmm...freshly washed) and now bold, crazy, personality-defining socks are cropping up on feet everywhere. Now your socks can be a statement--a bold call to the dance floor to get this party started, or a sly way of telling others at your board meeting that “I ain’t afraid of these quarterly earnings reports”.

They’ve gone from unmentionable to mentionable.

That’s why we created Mentionables. We wanted to make socks that would start a conversation. Bright, bold, fun patterns that could be wore out or in, day or night, dressed up or dressed down. Whether you wanted to show your fun flirty side or that just that damn it, you REALLY like pineapples, our socks pack a punch just like any other part of your wardrobe.

Mentionables. Socks that get people talking.